Dear Enterprise Colleagues,

In our first newsletter on Christmas 2016 we referred to projects that were in progress of development.  As we approach Christmas again, we are happy to bring you further news on these projects. You can download their details below. You will see both the planning proposals and St Leonard’s Place are related. We had to resort to this method of an abridged website to present Newsletter No.2 because of printing and distribution costs.

We hope to call for a General Meeting as soon as progress shows discernable direction. The projects have been made available to all Local Councillors as well as the leader of Northampton Borough Council. As noted below, Northampton Bloom Committee has made St Leonard’s Place available to all local Council planners at all levels. Councillor Vicky Culbard is trying to organise a meeting with relevant Councillors to discuss the proposals.


Development of St Leonard’s Road as a District Shopping Centre:

The AFCE has submitted a proposal to Mr. Peter Baguley, the Head of Planning at Northampton Borough Council to develop St. Leonard’s Road as a District Shopping Centre as projected in the Local Plan 98-2006 adopted in 2007. Mr Baguely noted the submission as interesting and “will consider what’s suggested and discuss this with colleagues.” However, he indicated that it is not possible under current legislation to put a stay on HiMOs applications until the submission has received due consideration. Valid applications will “continue to be determined having due regard to adopted national and local policies, and within national timescales.” While accepting the proviso of current legislation, all enterprises are invited to Get Engaged.

St Leonard’s Place

Meanwhile, the AFCE has prepared a holistic vision for developing the ambience of St Leonard’s Road to equip it for its potential role as noted in the Local Plan. It was the AFCE entry in the East Midlands in Bloom competition-2017 and was well received by Northampton Bloom Committee who have made the proposals available to all planners at all levels. It is time now for Enterprises to Help Make our Place Great by rallying around their Association that has yet again evinced Proactive Enterprise and leadership in concrete and meaningful projects for the common good. This is vital in order to extend the environmental concept therein to Ransom Road and Rothersthorpe Estate and, indeed, to all areas in a Green Far Cotton.


Thanks to the organisers of East Midlands in Bloom that was an instrumental gate to a concrete development and environmental enhancement for St Leonard’s Road and the Local Area. We are particularly proud of the certificate of Britain in Bloom who, perceptively, awarded it to Far Cotton Enterprise–may this herald A Culture of Change embracing the ethic of Enterprise. Thanks to Northampton in Bloom Committee who made Far Cotton Place available to Council planners at all levels and to our Assessor Mr. Paul Townsend who perceived its potential and to Mr. Philip Jones, the Senior Environment Officer at Northampton County Council for providing us with a list of approved street trees that rationalised our selections.


 Far Cotton Go and See……….Forward Step by Step

DOWNLOADSIYN Report-St Leonard's PlaceSt Leonard's PlacePlanning ProposalsPlanning Supplement

 “I am very interested in the development of an Association of Far Cotton Enterprises to help businesses in the area to come together and to promote themselves. It is the type of initiative that will help to encourage and develop new enterprises as well as to promote existing ones. This in turn will help to bring further prosperity and facilities to the residents. I do hope to see progress in this venture.”  Cllr. Vicky Culbard

Cllr Vicky has earlier donated out of her Community Fund, along with few other donors, to finance the Christmas lights. She even offered to cook cakes for the Christmas Carols that were to be held in tandem with the first achievement for the AFCE. Having found aspects of the proposals to have merit and would benefit all residents, she is currently trying to get all the relevant Councillors to have a full and detailed discussion and to find ways of overcoming difficulties.


Cllr Vicky Culbard





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